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Slovenia succeeds in its initiative to grant candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is very pleased that EU leaders at the European Council on 15 December took the important political decision to grant EU candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Congratulations to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who very much deserve this positive signal giving hope for a brighter future. I am proud that Slovenia has played a leading role in supporting its candidacy and truly excited about the idea that we will both be part of the EU in the future. Candidate status and progress on the EU path are of particular importance for the young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina and their future prospects,” said Minister Tanja Fajon.

In recent months, Slovenian diplomacy worked very hard to ensure that EU Member States, in keeping with the European Commission's recommendation, grant candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina before the end of the year. And it was successful. Granting candidate status is a strategic decision that sends a message to Bosnia and Herzegovina, to its citizens and to the region as a whole that their future lies in the EU. This is especially important for the young generations. It is a major step forward on the path towards EU membership and an incentive to step up the reforms.

Now it is up to Bosnia and Herzegovina to do its part. First and foremost, it must establish appropriate institutions at all levels as soon as possible and start meeting the priorities set by the European Commission. Slovenia will continue to assist Bosnia and Herzegovina in the implementation of the reforms that will take it towards EU integration.