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Minister Dr Stojmenova Duh stresses the importance of responsible regulation of artificial intelligence in Tokyo

Minister for Digital Transformation Dr Emilija Stojmenova Duh attended the Ministerial Council Meeting of the Global Partnership for Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) in Tokyo, Japan, on 22 November 2022. The meeting adopted a declaration agreeing that the development of an AI ecosystem is essential to address the complex challenges facing society, but that it must be safe and focused on human well-being.

Minister Dr Stojmenova Duh attending the GPAI 2022

Minister Dr Stojmenova Duh attending the GPAI 2022 | Author Embassy of Slovenia in Tokyo

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"In Slovenia, we believe in human rights and a responsible approach to the development, deployment and use of artificial intelligence. Privacy and security must be at the forefront," said Minister Dr Stojmenova Duh in her speech at the Ministerial Council of the Global Partnership on AI. She said digital services and products must adhere to the highest available international security standards, and countries need to create a complete digital ecosystem, from providers to users of secure services, products and technology. In this context, she advocated the creation of regulatory frameworks to ensure that AI continues to enable democratic processes, rather than undermine them.

Minister therefore expressed her wish to see the Global Partnership for AI operationally capable of implementing AI projects in the real world and not only at the policy-making level. She added that this international initiative, of which Slovenia is a founding member, should support the development of AI and bridge the gap between strategic planning and the decisions taken by policy makers and implementers. In her speech, the Minister also expressed her concern about the gender, geographic and age digital divide. Therefore, she said, women and men, young and old, North or South, urban or rural, must have access to digital skills, as this is the only way to achieve greater participation in democratic decision-making, education and entrepreneurship. See the GPAI declaration here:

Minister Dr Emilija Stojmenova Duh also met with Taro Kono, Minister for Digitisation of Japan, in Tokyo on 22 November 2022. They discussed similar challenges facing Slovenia and Japan and the possibility of cooperation in the framework of digital transformation and Society 5.0 projects. These are challenges in the area of data policy, where standards need to be introduced at global level, said Dr Stojmenova Duh after the meeting. She also mentioned the introduction of new digital technologies and efficient digital services for citizens, where the rapid development of digital competences, especially of the older population, is essential for understanding and using technologies. Minister Dr Stojmenova Duh and Minister Kono therefore agreed to strengthen cooperation in these areas, including a pilot project to strengthen the role of post offices in the digital literacy of the population, which the two countries will launch on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.