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Approved European Cohesion Policy Programme 2021-2027

  • Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy
At today's session, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia approved the European Cohesion Policy Programme 2021-2027. This is a document that, together with the Partnership Agreement - signed in Ljubljana today by Minister Dr. Aleksander Jevšek and European Commissioner Elisa Ferreira - represents the basis for drawing down European funds within the financial perspective 2021-2027, which expires in 2029.

"The drawing up of these two documents has been one of the main priorities after the new government has taken office in June this year," said the minister responsible for development and European cohesion policy dr. Alexander Jevšek.

According to the minister, we can expect the programme approval at both development councils of cohesion regions in the near future; this will be followed by submission for formal approval to the European Commission. "Upon considering the procedures and deadlines, we expect the European Commission to approve the programme by the end of the year, which is our goal. We managed to complete the partnership agreement and I am sure that we will be able to complete the programme by the end of the year," said Minister Jevšek.

The key to success is the inclusive approach, hard work and close cooperation with the European Commission, the ministries, the government services, the development councils of cohesion regions, and the economic and social partners, added the minister, thanking everyone who participated in drawing up and coordinating these documents.

Under the above-indicated programme, European cohesion policy funds are planned at the national level. Four funds are involved:

  • KS Cohesion Fund (entire Slovenia): EUR 718.19 million;
  • European Regional Development Fund ESRR (separately for the Eastern and Western Cohesion Regions): EUR 1,599.79 million;
  • European Social Fund Plus ESS+ (separately for the Eastern and Western Cohesion Regions): EUR 635.97 million;
  • Just Transition Fund SPP (for two coal mine regions: Zasavje and Savinska-Šalek region): EUR 258.72 million; It is a new fund that will further provide support for the people, the economy and the environment in areas facing socio-economic challenges, due to the transition to the Union’s energy and climate objectives for 2030, and the Union's climate neutral economy by 2050.