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Commemorative medals awarded at the Statehood Day celebration in Ohio

Today we celebrated Slovenian Statehood Day at Slovenska Pristava in Harpersfield as part of the event "I am proud to be a Slovenian", and awarded commemorative medals of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to individuals who 31 years ago actively contributed to the American recognition of independent Slovenia.

Commemorative medals award ceremony at Slovenska Pristava
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Thank you and congratulations to Dennis Eckart, Michael Polensek, Edmund Turk, Joseph Valenčič, Janez Kumše and AMLA - American Mutual Life Association. August Božidar Pust, Jože Božnar, Stane Kuhar, Janez Vidmar, Frank Medved and Joseph Evanish were not able to attend today, and will be awarded medals at other future events.

At the same time, the new Hall of Slovenska Pristava, which was built by volunteers with the help of donors was officially opened. Many thanks to Father Kumše for the Mass for our homeland and encouraging words regarding the need for unity and cooperation of the Slovenian community in the USA, which will enable its existence in the future!