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Instagram post by the director of the National Union of Beekeepers of Iran Mohsen Mousavian

On this year's World Bee Day, Mr Mir Mohsen Mousavian, director of the National Union of Beekeepers of Iran, published a post on his Instagram page dedicated to the former Ambassador of Slovenia to Iran, H.E. Mrs. Kristina Radej, and her efforts to develop Iranian beekeeping and to connect Iranian and Slovenian beekeepers.

Mr Mousavian published a photo of his meeting with Ambassador Radej with the following text:

Slovenian bee-loving Ambassador has left Iran!

Mrs. Radej's invitation to the Embassy on the occasion of the World Bee Day on 20 May 2021 was a great chance for me to get acquainted with this bee-loving and even Iran-loving lady. A lady who unfortunately after completing her mission in Iran is no longer with us, the beekeepers. The scheduled half-hour bilateral meeting with her extended, because of useful topics and her kindness, to a 2 hour talk and then to a visit of beautiful garden and the beehive located in the Embassy; an Ambassador who gave no excuse for not meeting with the beekeepers on that day. Of course, a summary of her remarks made during that meeting is available on the website of the National Union of Iranian Beekeepers, but what remains as a bitter memory is the lack of support from the previous Ministry of Agriculture – Jihad's officials and from the previous government for her suggested valuable plans for the essential development of Iranian apiaries and other fields; it is shameful (for me) to talk about these failures in advancing them and the motives for sabotage by the previous Ministry of Agriculture – Jihad's officials and the previous government. In fact, the observance of fidelity - even after the end of her mission - does not allow me to talk about it; however it is appropriate for me to wish her success and health and I hope that in another situation, we will be the host of this bee-loving lady who was a guest of our country for some years and we will appreciate her in the Iran National Union of Beekeepers. We hope to see significant changes in the approach to supporting the country's beekeeping sector during Mr. Ra'isi's government.

Link to Instagram post of the director of the National Union of Iranian Beekeepers