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Hybrid cloud computing will be the result of a public–private partnership

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has adopted a decision establishing a public interest in concluding a public–private partnership to implement the "Hybrid Cloud Computing" project. The public–private partnership will be implemented in the form of a contractual partnership.

The subject of the envisaged project is the establishment, management and possible upgrading of a hybrid computing cloud, to be implemented by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology in cooperation with the private sector, presumably as a public–private partnership. The project aims to provide additional IT support to simplify and optimise access to ministerial funds.

In the period 2022–2023, the Ministry will financially support the development of a reference architectural model, the establishment of a digital infrastructure, and the development and deployment of two pilot digital applications (e-identity and a single entry point for calls for tenders). After a successful test period in the Ministry, the model might then be used in other institutions. In the case of a public–private partnership concession, further development of the hybrid cloud and its upgrading with additional services or applications for different target groups is foreseen.

The operating costs in 2022 and 2023, estimated at a maximum of EUR 2,500,000 excluding VAT, will be covered by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology under the Recovery and Resilience Plan, and those from 2024 on by a private partner or consortium of companies.