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Consul General Alenka Jerak presented bee-related projects of Slovenia at the Night of Ideas in Chicago

Invited by the French Consul General Yannick Tagand, the Slovenian Consul General Alenka Jerak appeared on the panel about sustainable development within the framework of the event "Night of Ideas/ Where are we going?" at the Chicago History Museum&Villa Albertina on May 12, 2022.
Consul General Alenka Jerak during her presentation on bees
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She presented the activities of Slovenia and Consulate General in Cleveland, relating to the role, contribution and impact of bees and pollinators to suistanable development and our nature, planet and future. She also introduced all three projects of the Consulate General and American partners: World Bee Day,  Bee Forage Planting Day, and Traditional Honey Breakfast, which have been succesfuly implemented for three years in row in Ohio.