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Ministry of Foreign Affairs donates computer equipment to the Friends of Youth Association of Slovenia and Caritas Slovenia

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Today, Foreign Minister Dr Anže Logar presented computer keyboards to the President of the Friends of Youth Association, Darja Groznik, and to the Secretary General of Caritas Slovenia, Peter Tomažič, as a symbolic gesture ahead of the Foreign Ministry’s donation of used computer equipment. “We are making a donation to two key organisations as they know best who needs the equipment most. I’m happy that the computers will go to the right hands,” declared Minister Logar.

Owing to home schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for used computer equipment rose sharply and remains high. “The COVID-19 pandemic changed how we work not only in global diplomacy, but also in all spheres of economic activity and private life, with so many things going digital,” said Minister Logar during the handover event. The Ministry thus decided to donate the computer equipment no longer in use to socially disadvantaged groups or organisations coming in direct contact with people who need the equipment for home use. “We thank you for all the activities you’ve been carrying out and will continue to carry out to provide assistance to Ukrainian refugees, families and children. I’m delighted to see such wide support in Slovenia,” added the Minister.

The Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has donated a substantial amount of used computer equipment to the Friends of Youth Association of Slovenia and to Caritas Slovenia, altogether 222 Lenovo ThinCentre computers, 250 keyboards, 250 computer mice, 50 DVI-DisplayPort adapters and 89 Philips, Lenovo and IBM monitors. The equipment donated is fully functional and ready for home use, but is no longer suitable for the information system installed at the Ministry. Its future users will also be able to access the internet, which is indispensable in today’s digitalised world. At the same time, by donating the used computer equipment the Ministry is reducing the amount of e-waste generated. In November 2020, the Ministry donated some of its used computer equipment to the Duh časa society for sustainable development.