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Bee Forage Planting Day, 26 March

On 26 March, the Bee Forage Planting Day project initiated by the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association took place in Tokyo. In collaboration with Tokyo urban beekeepers, a non-profit organisation called Ginza Honeybee Project "Ginpachi", we have sowed sunflower and cosmos seeds and planted lavender, blackberries and blueberries. We also decorated it with the plaque with information about the project.

The sowing and planting event took place in an urban garden on the roof of a high-rise building in Ginza, one of Tokyo's largest commercial centres, HQ of Ginpachi. The main aim of the event was to improve the habitat of bees and other pollinators and contribute to the biodiversity of Tokyo's city centre.

Participants of the event could also learn about the rich beekeeping tradition of Slovenia and the importance of beekeeping in relation to the preservation of natural environment and its sustainable development.