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Golden Bee Award 2022

A long and grey Scandinavian winter is slowly ending and we may soon start noticing bees and other pollinators looking for a nectar or a mate.

Last year, we called for action in order to make a better life and environment for all the bees and pollinators. Many responded and planted the flower bullbs and seeds to indulge little buzzing insects.

At the Slovenian initiative the UN General Assembly proclaimed World Bee Day in 2017 and since 2021 the Government of Slovenia has been awarding a Golden Bee Award to individuals or organizations that have made a particularly important contribution to protection of bees and other pollinators and to raising awareness of their importance worldwide.

Given a growing support for the pollinators, we would like to invite all organizations, initiatives and individuals in the Nordic countries to submit nominations for the 2022 Golden Bee Award.

This call is open for applications until 15 March 2022. The theme of this year's call is the conservation of bees and other pollinators. The President of the Republic of Slovenia will present the winner with a statuette and financial award on World Bee Day - 20 May 2022.

You can find more information at Slovenian Government site.

Here are forms for application.

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