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Connecting Slovenia: EU funds for eastern bypass in Ravne na Koroškem

  • Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy
Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy has approved EU funding under the European Regional Development Fund for the project Designing project documents for the connecting road of the Third Development Axis – Ravne Eastern Bypass. This is another in a series of investments, supported by EU funding, that aims to connect Slovenia.

The Slovenian Infrastructure Agency (DRSI) and the Municipality Ravne na Koroškem will design project documents which will serve as the basis for obtaining all building permits and fulfilling all conditions for construction works to start. In line with its authority, the Municipality Ravne will take over the activities regarding the sitting of the bypass, while DRSI will take over the activities regarding the design of project documents for obtaining opinions and building permits, and documents for construction (PZI). The construction of the connecting road will enable users of the valley Mežiška dolina a faster and better access to the newly built highway, the traffic load will be reduced on the existing roads in Ravne which will reduce the negative environmental impacts and user costs. Reducing travel time to access the TEN-T network will enhance the region’s economic competitiveness and reduce emigration from the region.

In the financial perspective 2014-2020, Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy has thus far approved over EU funding for motorways, bypasses and highways throughout Slovenia. Namely, for the motorway between Draženci and the international border crossing Gruškovje, the bypass in Krško, the southern bypass in Murska Sobota, the bypass Kidričevo, the connecting road Ljubečna–Celje East motorway junction, the reconstruction of the Cerknica-Bloška Polica road and the preparation of documentation for the Third Development Axis, i.e. for the southern Slovenj Gradec bypass and section (1) from the Malina junction to the Metlika international border crossing, and to the Črnomelj South junction and (2) from the Velenje South junction to the Slovenj Gradec South junction.