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Prof. Lucas Alejandro Garibaldi from Argentina receives the 2021 Golden Bee Award

The first international Golden Bee Award was awarded today in the House of the Carniolan Honey Bee. Prof. Lucas Alejandro Garibaldi from Argentina received the award. Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and Chair of the Golden Bee Award Committee Jože Podgoršek announced the winner of the award. President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor presented the award, which was collected by a representative of the Embassy of Argentina on behalf of the award winner.
Golden Bee Award

Golden Bee Award | Author Gašper Stopar

The description of the project of the award winner Prof. Lucas Alejandro Garibaldi from Argentina states that the project is "a scientific research contribution to raising awareness of the importance and role of pollination in the functioning of ecosystems and the impact on people's well-being. The achievements of this internationally renowned scientist and researcher contribute significantly to raising awareness of the importance and preservation of bees and other pollinators around the globe. His work also promotes biodiversity, healthy food production and better quality of life."

Minister Jože Podgoršek announced the award winner and stressed: "By presenting Prof. Lucas Alejandro Garibaldi with the Golden Bee Award, the Republic of Slovenia is thanking him for his outstanding and pioneer achievements in promoting the importance of bees and other pollinators. His dedication and self-sacrifice for improving the protection of all pollinators are an important inspiration for other researchers and experts, and a motivation for specific protection activities at the global, national and local level. Golden Bee Award has proven again that bees and other pollinators connect and unite us in a positive way."

President Pahor expressed his sincere congratulations to the award winner, who followed the event from Argentina via live-stream. He added that he believes that Golden Bee Award will grow in global importance each year and will eventually become like a Nobel Prize in beekeeping.

Out of 17 nominees from Argentina, Austria, Croatia, Georgia, Germany, Iran, Philippines, Serbia, Slovakia, Togo and Slovenia, the 2021 Golden Bee Award Committee shortlisted three other nominees together with the Golden Bee Award winner, who best promote bees and other pollinators according to the Committee's criteria: Nadine Schuller from Austria, Slovenian Beekeepers' Association and the company A1, Slovenija, d. d.

For more information on the first winner of Golden Bee Award Prof. Lucas Alejandro Garibaldi, please visit his website.

Golden Bee is the highest national award for the protection of bees and the recognition of the role of bees and other pollinators in ensuring food security, sustainable agriculture, nature conservation, biodiversity and cultural heritage. Golden Bee Award promotes and supports the innovation and excellence of individuals or legal persons who have made a significantly important contribution to protecting bees and other pollinators and raising awareness of their importance around the globe. It also encourages further activities in relation to the work and outstanding achievements of individuals or legal persons in these areas.

For more information on the World Bee Day project and the importance of pollinators, please visit the World Bee Day website and the website of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

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