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Today marks the first Mediterranean Day, which is of great importance for Slovenia

On this day, on 28 November, we are celebrating the first Mediterranean Day, which was declared in 2020 at the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Union for the Mediterranean. “It is my wish that the Mediterranean becomes a region of security and stability, progress and prosperity that will ensure a bright future for all of its young people,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs Anže Logar on Mediterranean Day.

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The first-ever Day of the Mediterranean is celebrated this 28 of November | Author Union for the Mediterranean

On Mediterranean Day, we want to mark the importance of the region in cultural heritage, rich traditions and significant biodiversity as it is home to numerous endemic animal and plant species. The largest civilisations developed throughout history along the coasts of this important sea, where Slovenia also lies, establishing universities, conceiving philosophical ideas, evolving science and building the most well-known trading centres.

This is why, on Mediterranean Day, we wish to emphasise the importance of a common Mediterranean history, common identity and similarities that unite us and overcome differences between peoples or nations in the region. It is the shared desire of these countries to emphasise the importance of cooperation in trade, cultural exchange and other areas to ensure that the Mediterranean remains a region of prosperity and a cradle of civilisation that provides opportunities for a bright future for its people.

The international day marks the adoption of the Barcelona Declaration on 28 November 1995 that established the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EUROMED), which, in turn, provided the basis for the Union for the Mediterranean on 13 July 2008.

Slovenia maintains close ties with the countries in the Mediterranean region. By joining the EU MED 7 group this September in Athens, which is when the name of the group changed to EU Med, Slovenia took a step forward towards increasing its visibility in the region and strengthening cooperation with the Mediterranean countries.