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State Secretary mag. Monika Kirbiš Rojs at the 3rd conference on civil engineering, spatial planning and environment

  • Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy
State Secretary mag. Monika Kirbiš Rojs addressed the participants of the 3rd conference on civil engineering, spatial planning and environment which this year focused on amendments of the legislation pertaining to construction and spatial planning in light of the priorities of the EU recovery and resilience funds. State Secretary presented the investment priorities supported by the European Cohesion Policy funds and the Recovery and Resilience facility in the frame of construction and environment projects.

State Secretary said that the crisis has, indeed, put a number of planned investments on hold, but has also shown to be an opportunity in certain aspects. European Union responded to the economic crisis by making extensive funding available and defining a clear vision of the future development. Digital and green transition of the Member States and the Union as a whole plays a vital role in our common future. State Secretary underlined that ‘Civil engineering can, should and will focus on pursuing these objectives as they are the basis for quality of life in the future.’

State Secretary also presented the opportunities for investments under the green transition objective which is one of the most comprehensive development fields to be supported by the Recovery and Resilience Fund. In the context of civil engineering and environment the green transition objective focuses on construction and investment works in the field of energy and municipal utilities. Funding will also be allocated for energy-saving renovation of public sector buildings which will ensure that the public sector plays a key role in raising the quality of energy-saving renovation projects.

Funding will also be allocated to measures for improving energy management as well as energy contracting which will improve capacity and apply the instrument also within the housing sector. State Secretary concluded by saying that ‘The funding available under various EU instruments bring numerous opportunities for future development and for increasing the number of civil engineering projects also pertaining to spatial management and especially to environmental protection.’