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Virtual archival reading room is now in production environment

On September 14, 2021, Virtual Archival Reading Room entered production environment and is now available to anyone who wishes to gain access to archival records.

Up-to –date information solution for accessing archival records

In accordance with Article 6 of the Protection of Documents, Archives and Archival Institutions Act, providing access to archival records (both paper and electronic ones) represents one of the main objectives of Slovenian public archives. Since one of our priorities in developing Slovenian e-archive within project has always been to offer our users a remote, online access to archival records, we digitized reading room procedures and developed Virtual Archival Reading Room (abbreviated VARR).

In virtual archival reading room, we transferred all reading room procedures into digital environment, upgraded, automated and optimized them, and so enabled remote access to archival records for everyone, including for users from vulnerable groups. From an end-user perspective, VARR is an intuitive graphical web interface, operating as a single web entry point. It offers an easy and efficient way of searching through archival holdings, as well as a chance to order and use archival records. It also includes interactive help and enables users to complete online forms and make online payments. By enabling online access, VARR will offer help to a number of different users, including those from vulnerable groups. From an advanced-user perspective, VARR offers efficient methods of managing user accounts, managing orders, preparing digital archival records and making them available for use, especially as far as protection of archival professional requirements and legally protected data is concerned. To technical administrators, VARR represents a modern modular information solution, which meets all legal and technical requirements and creates a safe environment for use of archival records.   

Virtual archival reading room is now replacing previously used scopeQuery search engine and is upgrading it for a more efficient user experience. During the first transitional phase, the so-called “public beta” version of VARR is used, which we expect to upgrade and optimize later on.