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Director-General for EU Affairs at the Trio meeting on the first achievements of the Slovenian EU Council Presidency

Director-General for EU Affairs Barbara Sušnik hosted a videoconference meeting of the Trio Presidency of Slovenia, Germany and Portugal on 3 September 2021, which reviewed the achievements of the Slovenian Presidency and outlined the plans for the Council’s dossier management until the end of the year.

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Directors-General Barbara Sušnik, Andreas Peschke and Rui Vinhas | Author Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve

Directors-General Barbara Sušnik, Andreas Peschke and Rui Vinhas addressed the situation in Afghanistan, which had been the focus of different Council formations in both Brussels and Slovenia in recent weeks. They called for a common EU approach to migration and a new comprehensive EU strategy on Afghanistan, which would prevent a humanitarian crisis and maintain, at least in part, the progress made. In addition, they advocated further close COVID-19 coordination at EU level.

Director-General Sušnik went on to outline the first achievements of the Slovenian Presidency, highlighting the important steps towards the establishment of the European Health Union. The Slovenian Presidency reached an agreement with member states on reinforcing the priorities of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and establishing new rules on cross-border threats to health. The approval and implementation of recovery plans are also successfully under way. As many as 16 national recovery and resilience plans were approved in July, with further discussions to follow in the coming days, as the Slovenian Presidency hopes to accelerate the launch of investments and reforms in all member states.

The Directors-General also exchanged views on the “Fit for 55” energy and climate package, including other key dossiers on resilience, EU recovery as well as digital, green and fair transition. Director-General Sušnik concluded the meeting by presenting the plans for the EU-Western Balkans Summit, which Slovenia will be hosting on 6 October 2021.