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Bilateral political consultations with Qatar

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Political consultations between Slovenia and Qatar took place today, led by Political Director/Director-General Jernej Müller on the Slovenian side. Together with Ahmad Hassen Al-Hammadi, Secretary-General of the Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they focused on reviewing bilateral political and economic relations, including identifying ways to upgrade them.
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State Secretary Stanislav Raščan and Secretary-General Al-Hammadi | Author Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve

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Political Director/Director-General Müller and Secretary-General Al-Hammadi discussed not only bilateral relations between the two countries and cooperation on multilateral issues but also current regional issues, especially the latest developments in Afghanistan.

Secretary-General Al-Hammadi also met with State Secretary Stanislav Raščan during the visit of the Qatari delegation to Slovenia.