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Slovenia supporter of EU Innovation Hub since its creation

As the current holder of presidency of the EU Council of Home Affairs Ministers, Slovenian Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs took part in the online Seminar on the EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security organised by the European Commission and the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator. Participants of the seminar examined and discussed how to take better advantage of the existing research and using it to drive innovation and improve EU’s internal security. They also exchanged views on the Innovation Hub, which will facilitate synergies and cooperation in the framework of EU’s internal security and discussed the potential for increasing EU’s testing capacities and their guidance.

EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security is a network connecting Innovation Labs of EU Agencies and Innovation Labs of EU Member States, with participation of the European Commission. The Hub's mission is to pursue technological innovations and participate in development of common technological solutions for the Member States in the field of internal security.

As the Minister highlighted in his opening address, the EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security is a success story. "The establishment of the Hub, with an overwhelming support of the Ministers, has proven to be an opportunity to underline the importance of innovation in our field like in any other field. It has also contributed towards creating a more positive view of the way technological development can – and should – support our competent authorities in their daily work." Minister Hojs also underlined that EU has a common need for technological development, particularly in the field of policing, with the approach that also guarantees and encourages protection of fundamental rights." This is the only way we can continue to successfully address in a sustainable, balanced and realistic way the challenges we are facing in the criminal world where the use of technological tools knows no bounds, legal or otherwise." 

The Innovation Hub is particularly valuable for smaller countries as Slovenia. "We have a strong call from the Member State practitioners to support them with issues and challenges that are very similar across the Union. We need to provide them with the requested support, not only in relation to current challenges but also to identify and address future challenges. For too long the internal security sector has been limited to merely reacting to changes taking place elsewhere. With the Hub I look forward to a more proactive approach to technological development and to the needs of the competent authorities in this area." the Minister also said.

Minister Aleš Hojs and Assistant Director-General of the Police

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