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Minister Černač at the ceremony marking the start of the construction works for the Prapretno solar power plant: ‘Green future is in our hands.’

Minister for Development and EU Cohesion Policy Zvone Černač attended the ceremony marking the start of the construction works for the Prapretno solar power plant. Minister Černač together with the Minister responsible for infrastructure Jernej Vrtovec, the CEO of the Holding slovenske elektrarne Viktor Vračar, Ph. D. and the mayor of the municipality Hrastnik Marko Funkl pressed the button that marked the start of the construction works. ‘Pressing the button has a simple and yet a strong message: Green future is in our hands,’ stressed Minister Černač.

The Prapretno pri Hrastniku solar power plant is going to be the largest solar power plant in Slovenia. It is going to be located in the closed section of the landfill site for hazardous waste of the former Trgovlje thermoelectric power plant. The project worth EUR 2.5 million will produce clean energy and contribute to the arrangement of the brownfield site.

According to Minister Černač such projects are of key importance for Slovenia’s sustainable development. ‘Slovenia’s Recovery and Resilience Plan that has just recently been approved by the European Commission allocates one billion euros to such projects which is more than 42 per cent of the available funding. The Operational Programme for the Implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy in the period 2021-2027 is being drafted and is planned to be approved in the first half of 2022. The operational programme will cover six policy objectives with the 6th objective focusing entirely on the just transition of the Savinjsko-Šaleška region and the Zasavje region,’ explained the Minister.

‘Slovenia is a clean, green and smart country. Our goal is to keep it that way by focusing on clean environment, nature conservation, water resources conservation and drinking water. We also aim to use modern technology in the use of natural resources. In addition to the sun and the wind I also refer to Slovenia’s rich water potential where the generation of electricity through hydroelectric plants and environmental management, flood protection and recreational areas along such arrangement go hand in hand,’ said the Minister.

In terms of attaining the 17 sustainable development goals Slovenia ranks 9th out of the 165 countries. ‘Our future is green and smart,’ Minister Černač closed hid address.