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EU funding for drinking water supply in the Upper Sava River area

Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy has approved EU funding for the project Agreement on the development of region: Drinking water supply in the Upper Sava River area – Set 4. The project worth a good EUR 3 million will be implemented by the Municipality Preddvor and the Municipality Naklo in the framework of the Agreement on the Development of the Gorenjska region and will receive EUR 943 thousand of Cohesion Fund support.

As part of the project, the municipalities Naklo and Preddvor will build 6,828 metres of water supply system most of which, i.e. 5,941 metres, will be located in the municipality of Preddvor, where a pumping station will be developed while the municipality of Naklo will build 887 metres of the water supply and storage system.

195 inhabitants in the municipality of Preddvor will be connected to the public water supply network, and 22,197 inhabitants from the municipalities of Kranj, Naklo, Šenčur and Preddvor will benefit from improved drinking water supply.