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This year's Slovenian Diplomacy Day in honour of Štefan Falež

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrated this year's landmark Slovenian Diplomacy Day. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence and in the run-up to its EU Council presidency, the Ministry commemorated prominent personalities of Slovenian diplomacy, who have opened new doors in the international arena during the last few decades. This year, the special occasion was dedicated to Štefan Falež, the first Slovenian Ambassador to the Holy See.

“With his excellent connections in Rome and around the globe, he made an important contribution to the early recognition of Slovenia by the Holy See, leading to a positive impact on further recognition of the Republic of Slovenia as an international subject”, highlighted Minister of Foreign Affairs Anže Logar in his opening address, describing Štefan Falež as an exceptional patriot, a proud Slovenian and a cosmopolitan of wide-ranging interests, which are “important features of a good diplomat. His colleagues speak of him as a witty, interesting and sociable interlocutor, an exceptional intellectual, and a truthful man.”

The celebration was also attended by his son, Francesco Falež, who shared an insight into his father's work and his great efforts towards Slovenia's international visibility. He stressed that his main goal was for Slovenia to be recognised and respected worldwide.

Minister Logar underlined that Slovenia is entering its fourth decade with experience unusually rich for a relatively young state. “Despite new security challenges and the complex international environment ahead, I am optimistic about the future of Slovenian diplomacy. Our own experience and that of contemporary diplomacies, as well as Slovenian values and universal democratic values, are all integral parts of our work.”

He went on to thank his colleagues for their dedicated work and the sacrifices it entails, often acted out behind the scenes. “Working abroad is not always well understood or there are erroneous clichés about it. It is my wish that as a community of colleagues we can continue to work in unison and with a strong sense of belonging in order to promote the security, prosperity and reputation of the Republic of Slovenia and its people in the world.”

Slovenian Diplomacy Day is celebrated annually on 22 May to mark the date of Slovenia’s accession to the United Nations. UN membership was the final act of Slovenia’s establishment and one of its greatest diplomatic achievements.