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EU funding for a cycling connection between Kamnik and Godič

Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy has approved funding for the project Cycling connection between Kamnik and Godič. The EUR 1 million cycle project, which will be implemented under the Agreement on the Development of the Osrednjeslovenska region, will be supported by the EU, with the contribution from the European Regional Development Fund standing at EUR 733,000.

As part of the project, municipality Kamnik will develop a cycling connection between Kamnik and Godič to make sure that Kamnik as an important economic and administrative centre gets connected with its hinterland. The newly developed section will stretch over 2,281 meters with the entire cycling connection developed under the project standing at 3.2 kilometres.  

The project aims to improve cycling safety, reduce the negative environmental impacts of motorized transport, foster sustainable mobility and utility cycling by raising awareness among the citizens that bicycles are a safe, affordable and efficient alternative to cars.