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EU funding for sewerage system in Savinja River basin in Braslovče, Polzela and Žalec municipalities

Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy has issued a financial support decision for the project “Collection and treatment in the Savinja River basin – the municipalities of Braslovče, Polzela and Žalec”. The project worth over EUR 2.1 million will be implemented by the municipalities of Braslovče, Polzela and Žalec and will receive nearly EUR 759,000 of European Regional Development Fund support.

The project is part of the Development Agreement for the Savinjska development region. The project seeks to establish appropriate infrastructure for wastewater discharge and treatment in the area of the participating municipalities. The investment will focus on constructing the missing secondary network, thus completing the sewerage system in the agglomeration as a whole. The main goal of the project is to reduce waste emissions into water.