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Krško NPP performed inspection after the 29. 12. 2020 earthquake

Yesterday in the evening the Krško NPP completed a detailed inspection after the reactor trip due to the earthquake. The inspection showed that the earthquake did not cause any damage to the systems and equipment.

The earthquake on 29th December 2020 at 12:20, which was the strongest of a series of earthquakes in the Petrinja area in Croatia, reached the maximum horizontal ground acceleration of 0.07 g at the Krško NPP site. The quake triggered a signal to automatically shut down the reactor.

Today, the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration conducted an extraordinary inspection, where the actions after the reactor trip were verified. After the performed walkdowns, equipment check-ups and tests it was concluded that the necessary conditions for the Krško NPP start-up are met. A more detailed analysis of the event will be conducted in the coming days.

The Krško NPP began with the reactor start-up at 15:30 today. The power plant will be connected to the grid again around 22:00.