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25th Anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On this day 25 years ago, a peace agreement was reached in Dayton. It represents an important milestone in the European history, bringing peace and stability to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The agreement was an important victory of diplomacy over war and brought an end to the conflict in the region and the dreadful atrocities suffered by the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Dayton Peace Agreement still guarantees sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Over the last 25 years, Bosnia and Herzegovina has managed to walk the difficult path of post-war reconstruction. As a multicultural and multiethnic European country, it is now facing many challenges on its journey towards Euro-Atlantic structures.

Today’s anniversary should be an incentive for further efforts towards reconciliation, development, and functional democracy. It should also be an incentive to complete the necessary reforms, thus ensuring safety, social security and an economically promising environment for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly for the young generation.