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Ceremony marking the return of the 6th Slovenian eFP contingent

On Friday, July 10, a ceremony was held at the Edvard Peperko Barracks in Ljubljana marking the return of members of the 6th Slovenian Armed Forces contingent from the Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP). Contingent members performed their duties as part of a battalion battle group in Latvia. On this occasion, they were awarded In the Service of Peace medals.

The keynote speaker, Deputy Commander of the Combat Support Battalion/1st Brigade, Major Bojan Leskovar, said that contingent members had been part of the greatest Alliance’s effort to enhance collective defence and, as such, they should be proud of their contribution. He welcomed them back and thanked their relatives and friends for the support expressed during the deployment.

The 6th Contingent, commanded by Captain Vasja Bučar, included 44 Slovenian Armed Forces members. Most of the contingent consisted of members of the Fire Support Battery/Combat Support Battalion and other units of the 1st Brigade complemented by supporting elements. Slovenian contingent participated in the implementation of peacetime activities, including exercises, training and other activities. By taking part in the Enhanced Forward Presence, Slovenia expresses its support in enhancing NATO's comprehensive and credible deterrence and defence posture.