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World Oceans Day and the importance of climate action for their protection

On 8 June, World Oceans Day, members of the Green Group issued a joint statement underlining the importance of measures for addressing climate change impacts on marine ecosystems and for preserving the sustainability of oceans worldwide. The Green Group – Cabo Verde, Costa Rica, Iceland, Singapore, Slovenia, and the United Arab Emirates – is an informal association of small countries that, on Slovenia’s initiative, have been promoting issues related to the environment and sustainable development in foreign policy since 2009.

Green Group members have pledged to undertake measures to halt and reverse the trend of deteriorating health and productivity of the oceans and their ecosystems. Economic growth needs to be in balance with the health of the oceans. Consequently, the members of the Green Group will continue their efforts to protect and restore the ecological resilience and integrity of the oceans, as well as their biodiversity. As a maritime country, Slovenia boasts an exceptionally rich marine biodiversity and a high level (98.5%) of marine environmental protection.

During the pandemic, the role of the oceans in preserving food safety and economic prosperity has come to the fore. The oceans are a key factor co-shaping both the climate and weather. Acidification, warming, pollution, overfishing, and other human activities with a negative impact on the oceans increasingly reduce their ability to regulate the climate. This dangerous trend can be stopped only through joint efforts and cooperation at a global level.