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Slovenian Diplomacy Day

To mark Slovenia’s UN membership, Slovenian Diplomacy Day is celebrated on 22 May, as on this day Slovenia entered the global diplomatic arena, relatively soon after that joining the EU and NATO, and later the OECD. In the second half of 2021, the country will hold its second EU Council presidency.

In keeping with the Slovenian foreign policy strategy motto, Ensuring the security, prosperity and reputation of the Republic of Slovenia and its people, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs renders a multitude of indispensable services for the country and its citizens. A responsible ally and constructive partner, Slovenia today participates in all major multilateral forums. Diplomacy brings added value to bilateral relations, promotes the national interest in the international community and raises the country’s profile.

As the current pandemic rapidly spread, borders were shut down and national and global responses sought to lead the way forward. The Slovenian diplomacy was able to rise to the challenge. It jumped to the assistance of economic operators by proactively facilitating cross-border transport. In agreement with other countries and in view of public health aspects, it is now doing its best to open up borders for tourist travel.

In the early weeks of the crisis, many Slovenian nationals stranded abroad needed assistance to return home. The Slovenian diplomatic service again proved its efficiency, with diplomats doing their utmost in responding to the needs and concerns of citizens, showing great professionalism, responsibility and resourcefulness.

The video presents hands-on testimonies by our colleagues Sabina, Emil and Matjaž.