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Minister Logar holds a video conference with foreign ministers of neighbouring countries

Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Anže Logar, held a video conference call with his counterparts from Austria, Croatia, Italy, and Hungary to coordinate the measures aimed at containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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The ministers underscored the urgency of joint action, both at the EU level and between neighbouring countries, which need to coordinate activities on their borders and promptly exchange information. Recognising the need for measures to contain the epidemic, Minister Logar nevertheless called for freight transport to be allowed as it is vital for the functioning of the economy and supply of necessities, above all medical supplies. He cited the agreement between Slovenia and South-Eastern European countries on “humanitarian convoys” reached last week, and advocated for further cooperation with Croatia and Hungary in organising the transit of freight vehicles from the direction of Italy.   

With regard to passenger transport, the ministers agreed that, regardless of the measures limiting the movement of persons, people must be allowed to return to their country of origin or residence. Minister Logar underlined the need for cooperation in organising extraordinary flights for the repatriation of Slovenian nationals currently staying outside the EU.