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Minister Boštjan Koritnik Took Office at Ministry of Public Administration

After today's handover, Minister Boštjan Koritnik took office at the Ministry of Public Administration.

both ministers standing at the table with co-workers

The handover: the former Minister Rudi Medved and the new Minister Boštjan Koritnik | Author The Ministry of Pubic Administration

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As the former Minister Rudi Medved said to the new Minister Boštjan Koritnik on this occasion: “You are taking over the leadership of the ministry in a serious situation. Many problems from the past seem completely different today, in the light of current events related to coronavirus.” He wished the new minister successful work.

Minister Boštjan Koritnik thanked the outgoing team for the work done and emphasized that in his new role, he was already finding out how efficiently the public sector works.

On this occasion, he thanked the civil servants, especially those who are extremely burdened by the epidemic these days, for their work, and also thanked the citizens for their patience and understanding in taking all necessary measures.