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CHINA - Travel advisory

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In accordance with the measures adopted to contain the COVID-19 epidemic, Slovenian citizens are advised against all but essential travel to China and against all travel to the province of Hubei until further notice.

In recent weeks, China has adopted new regulations on restrictive measures to contain the COVID-19 epidemic, especially for incoming travellers. Since the implementation of measures rests on local organisational units, the measures are not entirely predictable and coherent. Those travelling to China may expect a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon entering the country. Travellers may also expect limited access to health services during the epidemic. In addition, neighbouring countries have temporarily closed their borders with China and numerous airlines have restricted the number of flights to China or cancelled them until further notice. Any stay in China may affect the possibility and conditions of entry in numerous other countries.

In case you have travelled to Wuhan or been in contact with a person who had visited the area, please read the information provided on the website of the National Public Health Institute of Slovenia.

You are advised to follow the situation in China by checking the following:

Travel to the Tibet Autonomous Region, organised on one’s own, is not possible without the necessary permits of the Chinese authorities. Due to the unstable security situation in the Xinjiang Uygur, Chinese authorities may ban travel to certain parts of this autonomous region.

Before any travel abroad, an adequate travel health insurance is mandatory.