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Ministers of Health adopt Conclusions in Rome

Following the invitation of the Italian Minister of Health, a meeting was held of the ministers of Italy’s neighbouring countries: Slovenia, France, San Marino, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland and Germany. Italy and its neighbours presented their existing and planned measures for protection against the coronavirus. The measures presented by the individual countries are comparable.

Ministers of Health at the meeting Rome

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The following decisions were adopted:

  •  the borders should remain open (closing the borders would be an inefficient and excessive measure),
  • countries will exchange and harmonise information for persons travelling to and returning from infected areas,
  • clinical and epidemiological data will be exchanged,
  • information for the professional and general public will be harmonised, including information provided at borders,
  • regular videoconferences will be held at the expert and ministerial levels,
  • decisions on the cancellation of events should be taken on a case-by-case basis, and appropriate measures should be adopted.

The ministers agreed that the meeting was good and constructive. All of them also expressed their support for Italy because the solution lies in cooperation. They reported that were all under great pressure to close the borders in their countries, but they agreed that this would be an excessive measure. The ministers will remain in close contact.