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China travel advice

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Slovenian citizens are advised to postpone all unnecessary travel to China due to the novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV epidemic and related restrictive measures taken by the Chinese authorities. It is also not recommended to travel into Chinese provinces, where a quarantine or transport limitations and restrictions have been introduced, such as Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Guangdong and Zhejiang.

Due to cancellations of regular flights to certain parts of the world (especially to China) and cancellations of individual flights, those currently staying in areas of highest risk are advised to choose the safe option and leave.

All Slovenian citizens currently on the Chinese territory can send their location, the number of family members they live with and how the Embassy should communicate essential information concerning the epidemic and vital consular information to the Slovenian Embassy in Beijing by e-mail:

Despite the global epidemic of the coronavirus, the possibility of infection and especially the transmission of the virus can be reduced by carefully observing the recommendations issued. The Slovenian missions abroad are maintaining contact with citizens in high-risk areas and advising them on how to protect themselves and their families. It is recommended to obtain information on available medical services on location in advance and to follow the instructions in case of any symptoms.

For all potentially infected people, security checks and quarantine are being set up at airports and border crossings in China and in the region. The airlines are examining passengers before boarding and reserve the right to refuse them travel in case of suspected illness.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is carefully monitoring the development of the epidemic and drafting its warnings and travel advice for individual countries accordingly. 

For basic information, please visit:

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control