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EU funding for improving economic activity in Metlika

  • Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy
Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, Managing Authority for ERDF, ESF and Cohesion Fund, issued a grant decision for the project “Zone at Pild – stage 2”. The project worth EUR 1.4 million will receive European Regional Development Fund support in the amount of EUR 375,000.

The purpose of the project is to establish urban infrastructure and operational status for the 1.86 hectares of the central part of the Pri Pildu business zone, of which 1.08 hectares will be used by the economic sector. The investment covers the construction of a total of 360 meters of road and truck parking as well as the establishment of a pedestrian corridor, street lighting, 352 meters of sewage and 188 meters of water supply.

The newly built urban infrastructure will establish conditions for operation, growth and development, and enable the economic development of the municipality of Metlika and Bela Krajina. This will contribute to job creation, improvement of the economic situation of citizens and improvement of living conditions.

For more information, please refer to Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the municipality of Metlika.