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Seminar on joint municipal administrations in Bavaria and Slovenia

Today, 28 November 2019, a seminar on joint municipal administrations in Bavaria and Slovenia is being held at the Ministry of Public Administration. The seminar was organised by the Ministry in collaboration with the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior on the basis of the programme adopted by the Permanent Slovenian-Bavarian Commission the previous year. The local self-government has been part of the Commission's programme since 1995.

Seminar on joint municipal administrations in Bavaria and Slovenia | Author MJU

The Permanent Slovenian-Bavarian Commission has a 45-year-long tradition and has been one of the doors to cooperation with Western European Countries since Slovenia's independence in 1991. The success of the cooperation was confirmed by the presence of both Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Bavarian Minister Florian Herrmann and Slovenian Minister Miro Cerar at the signing of the protocol at the 31st meeting of the Commission in Škofja Loka this year.

Inter-municipal cooperation has been in place in Slovenia since the reform of local self-government and is an important element of the functioning of local self-government. The most notable form of the integration of municipalities that works well are joint municipal administrations, as they contribute to economic efficiency and to the spreading of knowledge and thus better quality of services for residents. Joint municipal administrations have a long tradition and are one of the pillars of inter-municipal integration. They have been operating since 1994 and received an additional boost by the introduction of government co-financing in 2006. The number of joint administrations and municipalities involved has increased considerably from 12 joint administrations and 60 municipalities in 2005 to 51 joint administrations and 202 municipalities in 2019. The amount contributed by the government increased from the initial EUR 0.5 million in 2005 to EUR 6 million in 2019. In 2018 a small reform of the operation of joint municipal administrations started. The transitional period will be concluded in 2020. The number of duties co-financed from the government budget has been increased from six to eleven. The progression principle has also been introduced, which means a greater share of government co-financing for a greater number of duties.