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State Secretary at the Ministry of Public Administration Leon Behin meets representatives of the European Commission: our work is praised by international elite clubs

Talks between particular line ministries and representatives of the European Commission are being held from 13 to 15 November 2019. This is a regular technical mission with an emphasis on the overview of the compliance with country-specific recommendations. It will also cover topics envisaged in the chapters of the Country Report.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Public Administration Leon Behin met today with the mission representatives. He highlighted that the Ministry of Public Administration had adopted a series of measures improving the performance of public administration, as well as the business environment. He also said that this week OECD Committees are considering the Government at a Glance report, which states that the public procurement procedure in Slovenia is very transparent.

"We can pride ourselves with our many achievements," he told the mission representatives and continued that, "to be ranked at the top with regard to transparency in public procurement is a great honour bestowed by this very elite club." With regard to public procurement, the State Secretary also highlighted the latest amendments to the Legal Protection in Public Procurement Procedures Act. The amendments, which are currently in the legislative procedure, will increase the legal protection of individuals. This legislative solution increases the independence of the National Review Commission and allows action against decisions of the National Review Commission before the Administrative Court.

Mr Behin also talked about the achievements in eGovernment. He particularly highlighted the introduction of an electronic doctor's note for sick leave – e-Bol, a new feature that will simplify procedures and bring a great relief to both employers and employees. Employees will no longer be obliged to submit sick leave notes in paper form to employers. The notification will be carried out electronically.

Mr Behin also said that Slovenia ranks high in the provision of open data. Open data are public records or computerised bases of data collected in the performance of public duties by entities liable for information access and use in the public sector and are available to interested users for unlimited reuse.