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OECD report positively highlights transparency of public procurement in Slovenia

In the most recent OECD report, public procurement, which falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Administration, was recognised as a part of the Slovenian public sector that stands out in a positive way compared to other countries.

Government at a Glance report

Every year the OECD produces the Government at a Glance report comparing OECD member countries with regard to various services and functions of the public sector. With regard to Slovenia, the Government at a Glance 2019 highlights its public procurement, noting that in this area Slovenia stands out with its transparency, as it makes available to the public the most information concerning public procurement. The OECD noted that, in addition to tender documents and selection criteria, contract award decisions and contracts themselves, the public also has access to tenders for contracts. The transparency of public procurement is very important as it significantly and directly contributes to the reduction of corruption risks, limits the agreements among tenderers, increases the economy of operation, increases competitiveness and reduces the costs of operation of the public sector. The OECD report also emphasises that Slovenia is one of the six OECD member countries that succeeded in integrating its electronic public procurement system with the state accounting system.

The duration of public procurement procedures in Slovenia is below the EU average and the legal protection procedures are among the shortest. Therefore, the Ministry of Public Administration views OECD findings as an acknowledgement of the successful work in the public procurement system and computerisation, which ensured that at present almost any information on public procurement procedures is available, including daily updated information on all public contract awards in Slovenia, which serves as a good foundation for further work and efforts for the improvement of public procurement system.