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"My Safety and Mobility" hackathon again provides creative and fresh ideas

At the end of the previous week, on 5 and 6 October 2019, the "My Safety and Mobility" hackathon was held at ABC Accelerator in Ljubljana. The event brought together 48 participants who developed their ideas on the subjects listed in the public competition for the selection of the "My Safety and Mobility" concept, announced by the Ministry of Public Administration.

The aim was to develop a concept for or a prototype mobile application providing dynamic interactive services related to the safety of citizens and mobility.

Teams of participants competed in the development of solutions to the following challenges on the principle of open innovation:

– Challenge 1: aiding citizens and their safety (including digital).

– Challenge 2: preventive action.

– Challenge 3: creative solutions related to mobility in the broadest sense of the word (personal, sustainable, etc.).

– Challenge 4: strengthening the reputation of the Police and the Municipal Police Department.

Ten teams developed and submitted their solutions. Every single group was extraordinary, but only six teams made it to the next round. These were the following teams: Veverice, Šveps, Full in, P7, Smart Ljubljana and Gopniki.

This is the second hackathon involving inter-sectoral collaboration, this time among the Ministry of Public Administration, the Police, the City of Ljubljana, Technology Park Ljubljana, ABC Accelerator, and technological partners Microsoft, IBM (the main technological partners), GDI Ljubljana, Oracle, Xlab and Comtrade.

Over the next two weeks, the ideas and solutions of the winning six teams will be further developed and fine-tuned under expert guidance. The teams will present their final products at the concluding event, which will be held on Tuesday, 22 October 2019 at 11:00 on the premises of Ljubljana Moste Police Station (Tovarniška 50, Ljubljana).

You are welcome to attend!