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Minister Rudi Medved in a meeting with deputy Secretary General of OECD

Bled, 2nd September 2019 – Minister for public affairs Rudi Medved attended Bled Strategic Forum 2019, where dialog was being held among high leaders from states and companies and they discussed key issues concerning Europe in 21st century. Aside from this event, minister Medved met deputy Secretary General of OECD, Mr. Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen. They discussed the challenges in the field of digitalization and artificial intelligence.

Minister Rudi Medved in a meeting with deputy Secretary General of OECD | Author MJU

Both co-speakers agreed, that cooperation between Ministry for public affairs and OECD is rather good. Minister Medved stressed that in cooperation with OECD we are achieving very good results, and for that reason, we intend to strengthen this cooperation in near future. Slovenia has already agreed to prepare the first digital review, where we are looking forward to recommendations from the experts of OECD.

“We are very pleased to be in this “elite club”, where OECD plays a major role and we are proud to have something to show to the world. In the field of open data, specifically with National portal for open data of Slovenia - OPSI, we are one of the leading countries” accentuated minister Medved.

They discussed also the artificial intelligence. Minister Medved has introduced to Mr. Knudsen about the ongoing task of writing National strategy for artificial intelligence, where OECD also sees the possibility for future cooperation. They also talked about the coming Slovenian Presidency to the Council of the EU. Minister Medved stated that artificial intelligence, combined with 5G, shall be the priority of our Presidency. Minister Medved underlined, that “we wish to develop topmost, ethical and safe artificial intelligence, and together with technology of 5th generation we aim to find the solutions that could be beneficial to the people” and backed up the proposal od Mr. Knudsen about joint event in time of Slovenian Presidency.