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State Secretary Dobran Božič attends the meeting of the Quadrilaterale (Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Slovenia)

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
State Secretary Dobran Božič attended the traditional meeting of the Quadrilaterale (Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Slovenia) at the level of deputy foreign ministers. This year's meeting took place between 4 and 5 July and was hosted by Austria. The participants exchanged views on cooperation within the Quadrilaterale and on current European and international issues.

Considering the demanding international environment, this kind of cooperation and exchange of views is becoming increasingly important. During the discussions, the participants pointed out the traditionally good cooperation between Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Slovenia, which have similar values and share many views in multilateral terms, notably in the field of human rights. These countries also enjoy excellent cooperation in consular affairs.

In the course of the plenary meeting, particular attention was devoted to current EU challenges posed by and Brexit. The participants also exchanged views on South-Eastern Europe, EU enlargement and other current international issues.  

Regarding development cooperation, they agreed to foster closer links at the implementation level.