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State Secretary Leon Behin on the presidential initiative: “We need highways of the future”

On Wednesday, 5 June 2019, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration, Leon Behin, discussed in the company of senior officials, businessmen and other distinguished guests at The Three Seas Initiative held at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. The panel was hosted by the renowned guest and expert Jan - Jacques Sahel, vice president of ICANN. The participants discussed the digital transformation of society and information security.

In the digitalisation panel, the participants exchanged views on digital infrastructure, which will be able to follow the rapid digital transformation of the company. They discussed the digital transformation of the company and the new opportunities it brings to the economy, but also the individual user. Special attention was paid to Artificial Intelligence and 5G Revolution. We need a fair, trusted, innovative and secure development of information technologies, they agreed. The new advanced technology is indispensable for strengthening the European digital identity, they pointed out.

State Secretary Behin welcomed the Presidential Initiative, which gives new opportunities for the integration and cooperation of countries. He called for a digital highway that will allow the EU residents equal competition.

In Slovenia, today and tomorrow, the fourth summit of the Three Seas of the Initiative is taking place. The initiative involves Member States from Central and Eastern Europe between the Baltic, the Black and the Adriatic Sea.

Slovenia is hosting a dozen heads of state and ministers, about 500 businessmen and other distinguished guests. At this summit, the acceleration in the implementation of concrete projects should be ensured in order to reduce developmental backlogs between eastern and western Europe. Also, in the field of digitization.