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EUPAN Directors-General informal meeting in Bucharest

Director-General of the Public Sector Directorate at the Ministry of Public Administration Peter Pogačar is attending a two-day informal meeting of EUPAN Directors-General in Bucharest.

EUPAN Directors-General informal meeting in Bucharest

EUPAN Directors-General informal meeting in Bucharest | Author MJU

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The discussion of the representatives of countries at the meeting will also focus on ethics as an integral part of organisational culture, the competencies required for delivering e-government and digital competencies of employees.

Mr Pogačar highlighted the challenge of an ageing workforce in public administration, which all Member States are facing.

He stressed that it was imperative to enable the transfer of knowledge between older and younger people and vice versa. Older employees have invaluable experience gained in their long careers, while younger employees are more up to speed with the use of advanced technologies and better deal with rapid change brought by digitisation. Sharing the experience between generations is therefore crucial for the development of public administration, Mr Pogačar said.