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The Information Society Office is responsible for the strategic planning and promotion of the digital transformation of Slovenia. It prepares national strategic development documents in the field of the information society and electronic communications and coordinates and implements development measures. Its strategic objective is to digitalise all areas of social life by innovatively and intensively using digital technologies and the internet, as this is of crucial importance for the competitiveness of the economy and achieving a high level of prosperity and for ensuring that the State has an appropriate role in a globalised digital society.

It coordinates the implementation of measures to promote the general digitalisation of society at the inter-ministerial and inter-sectoral levels; in this process, coordination with external stakeholders from the business sector and non-governmental organisations and stakeholders from the fields of education and research takes place through the Slovenian Digital Coalition. Within its area of competence, we represent the Republic of Slovenia in international organisations (the EU, OECD, ITU, ICANN, IGF, CEPT and Eutelsat). In the areas of electronic communications and radio spectrum management, the Directorate is responsible for the Agency for Communication Networks.