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In the Data Management Division, we develop a unified system in the field of data management and analytics in the state administration. We are establishing an ecosystem for data management with attention to security, accessibility, quality, transparency, verification, credibility and semantic interoperability in state administration databases.

We are establishing the Central Vocabulary of Public Administration, which will ensure a clear and unambiguous use of key terms in state administration. The list will allow semantic interoperability, as it will contain an unambiguous definition of terms while at the same time defining how the terms are hierarchically arranged.

Establishing a business intelligence system (Skrinja - Chest project), we encourage the development of data-based decision-making and analytical culture in the state administration. We establish, develop and manage a data modeling system and a common data dictionary for the semantic harmonization of registers and records.

We also develop and manage the national interoperability framework (NIO portal), which brings together a catalog of interoperability solutions, promotes good practices and re-use.

We encourage development in the field of open data.

Our special attention is also focused on pilot projects in the field of data management, data analytics, including business intelligence, big data and artificial intelligence (Semantic analyzer - smart text search engine).