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In accordance with the applicable regulations, Slovenia's energy principles, the National energy and climate plan as well as adopted action plans and operational programmes, the Energy Directorate ensures the performance of administrative tasks and measures to ensure a reliable energy supply, increase energy efficiency and savings, and boost the use of energy from renewable sources. The Directorate also carries out the implementation of administrative tasks and measures related to mining.

Within the framework of the fields stated above, the Directorate performs the following general tasks:

  • supervising the operation of public utilities and participating in the drafting of regulations, documents and measures for the planning of national energy supply and consumption and the sustainable development of energy systems;
  • drawing up national programmes and regulations relating to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources policies as well as implementing and coordinating the incentive programmes of these policies and participating in them;
  • decision-making in administrative procedures at first and second instances;
  • participating in the drafting of materials for the State Attorney’s Office of the Republic of Slovenia in court proceedings;
  • monitoring EU regulations, adjusting national legislation, participating in the drawing up of proposals for EU regulations and other documents, preparing Slovenia's positions for EU authorities and bodies, and performing other international obligations in the Directorate's field of work;
  • participating in bilateral and multilateral frameworks in energy.    

In its work, the Energy Directorate pursues the following key national energy policy objectives:

  • a secure, sustainable and competitive energy supply;
  • improved energy efficiency; and
  • energy supply from renewable energy sources.