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State Secretary responsible for Fiscal Policy, State Budget and Public Accounting
Saša Jazbec

Author: Žan Kolman/Urad vlade za komuniciranje

Saša Jazbec has a master's degree in economics with a focus on securitisation. She worked as Director-General of the Budget Directorate at the Ministry of Finance and was responsible for the management and consolidation of public finances. In two governments, she was state secretary in charge of the management of the state budget and public finances, public accounting, budget monitoring, and public payments. During this period, Ms Jazbec and her Budget Directorate team played a significant role in proposing measures for the consolidation of public finances, and she also became more familiar with the tax, pension, healthcare, social security and salary system in the public sector. Before her reappointment as state secretary, she headed the Local Self-Government, Non-Governmental Organisations and Political System Directorate at the Ministry of Public Administration.

She advocates the efficient use of public money, a budget that focuses on objectives and measurable indicators, and the long-term sustainability and transparency of public finances. Under her leadership, the Ministry of Finance launched the Interactive State Budget Data Display, which provides daily updates on the state budget balance (revenue and expenditure), sets out a ten-year government expenditure history for each sector, and provides information on ongoing projects co-financed from the state budget.