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The Personnel and Legal Affairs Division drafts proposals for general legal acts (with the exception of general acts under the competency of the General Affairs Division) issued or submitted to the Government for adoption by the Government’s Secretariat-General, prepares legal opinions, and provides legal advice to other divisions and offices of the Secretariat-General and the Government.

It drafts and examines contracts related to the area of work of the Secretariat-General (with the exception of contracts related to the field of public contracts) and performs tasks related to the exercise of the Secretary-General’s rights and duties as employer and to human resource management.

It ensures that public employees are kept informed, cooperates with the union of the Secretariat-General, and performs tasks related to the rights and obligations deriving from employment in the Secretariat-General, the Office of the Prime Minister and other Government offices in accordance with decrees.

The Division participates in procedures concerning the management of tangible assets of the Secretariat-General and ensures the management of these assets.

It also monitors the implementation of internal acts of the Secretariat-General and implementing regulations concerning the Secretariat-General’s area of work.

The Car Fleet Services Section performs tasks within the Division’s area of work or duties.



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  • Car Service Section

    Secretariat-General of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia
    Personnel and Legal Affairs Division

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