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The Main Administrative Office records received documents and directs them to appropriate document collections. It examines regular and electronic correspondence received and rejects it if it does not comply with the applicable regulations. It classifies documents and ensures that document collections are complete.

In addition to the above, it also:

  • accepts, scans, marks and dispatches documents and copies documentary materials,
  • prepares documentary materials for microfilms and performs other tasks related to further micro-processing of materials,
  • transports post, files, money and other materials,
  • prepares and files electronic documents and keeps appropriate records,
  • takes over, stores, maintains and processes (editing, inventory, providing aids for using materials), and uses documentary and archive materials in the permanent collection, selects archive material according to the instructions of the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, and excludes material whose storage period has expired,
  • keeps records on documents (also containing personal and classified data) on different forms of storage media (paper, microfilm, e-records),
  • at the request of employees, searches, digitalises and sends documents archived on microfilms that are not directly accessible in the information system of the Secretariat-General,
  • prepares electronic documentary materials for archiving and archives electronic materials,
  • copies documentary and archive materials.