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The Finance Division performs tasks related to the planning of revenues and other receipts in the competence of a spending unit and the drafting and monitoring of the monthly financial plan. It records received and issued invoices, controls and calculates travel orders, monitors payments realised under contracts and keeps a record of collaterals. The division confirms payment orders and sends the approved statements and invoices to the Ministry of Finance and co-financers for payment, charges the value-added tax on the basis of invoices pursuant to the contracts on establishing servitude, prepares FEP forms and sends the signed contracts to the Ministry of Finance. Its tasks also consist of coordinating the annual inventory of assets and liabilities, organising the collection and control of the payments of the annual fees for the use of vehicles in road traffic, issuing payment orders for the payment of fees for vehicles deregistered from traffic and registering the data for the enforcement of the unpaid fees for vehicles deregistered from traffic.