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The Dob pri Mirni Prison is the largest prison for convicted adult men from the territory of all court districts in the Republic of Slovenia who are sentenced to imprisonment for more than one year and six months, or for whom, after including remand, the remainder of their sentence exceeds one year and six months in prison. Younger convicted adult men (up to 23 years old) from the territory of all court districts in the Republic of Slovenia who are sentenced to more than five years’ imprisonment or for whom the remainder of the sentence after including remand exceeds five years in prison also serve their sentence in this prison. The spatial capacity of the prison is 468 persons.
The prison operates in the location of the Dob mansion, which was built around 1621 on a gentle slope above the Mirna River, on the site of a medieval court. The Dob mansion was bought in 1740 by Jošt Vajkard Barbo, Count of Waxenstein. The Dob estate was owned by the family until 1942, when it suffered a fire. At this location, the construction of the country’s central prison for men began in 1957, with the establishment of the Correctional Facility Dob pri Mirni. Dob Prison is the first purpose-built prison facility.

The prison consists of eight units, of which six are in the closed part of the prison. In addition to the closed part, the prison also has two units at separate locations: the Slovenska vas semi-open unit immediately adjacent to the main prison and the Puščava open unit near the prison.

In the older four units of the closed part of the prison, most of the accommodation rooms have up to eight beds. Each unit also has several smaller and single rooms, living rooms, a room for exercise, a kitchenette, and a room for free-time interests.

A large investment acquisition in the closed part of the prison, which came into use in October 2011, are two newly built units with a spatial capacity of 174 persons. The two buildings are the same, consisting of a ground floor, three identical floors and a roof terrace. On the ground floor there are offices for prison officers, rooms for interviews with professional workers, a fitness room for prisoners and multi-purpose rooms. Each floor consists of 23 single rooms and two rooms with three beds, a common living room with a kitchen and dining area, a shared laundry room, a telephone booth and a room for storage of cleaning supplies. Single rooms allow for individual serving of a prison sentence. Each single room consists of an accommodation part and a sanitary part. It offers individuals the opportunity to live independently and provides a better quality of rehabilitation. A three-bed room also consists of an accommodation part and a sanitary part. It is intended for the coexistence of three convicted men who do not deal well with different aspects of isolated living.

Visits of convicted men

At the request of the convicted man, the unit expert group may extend the time for visits that are carried out under supervision or without supervision, in the garden by the facility for visits or in the vicinity of the prison, and allow extension over the legally guaranteed minimum time. Convicted men can spend part of their approved visit with a partner without supervision in a studio flat. Convicted persons can have overnight family visits on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in special rooms.